International English Teaching Project

Get Involved

H’exchange welcomes anyone with an appreciation of different cultures and societal organizations and wishes to deepen their understanding of a different way of living and to experience another people’s ways of life. 

Volunteers should have an interest in teaching and working with children, although previous experience is not required. 

Each volunteer is expected to demonstrate: proficiency in the English language, an understanding of and enthusiasm for the project, the capacity to commit to about 5 hours of work each day (with one day off per week), organizational and interpersonal skills, a degree of creativity and adaptability to rustic living conditions.

The length of the volunteering period is not pre-defined, but each volunteer should spend a minimum of one month in the village. Small groups of volunteers can be arranged. 

What participants will get out of H’Exchange are: a total involvement with the H’mông community of Hau Thao, the chance to learn a few traditional practices (e.g. embroidery, cooking, making hemp clothes, etc.), an exciting and challenging teaching experience and improvement of several skills, such as organizational ones. 

 If you are keen to take part in the project please send your CV and a brief cover letter to explaining: 

  • why you would like to participate
  • what you hope to gain out of it
  • what you can offer to H’Exchange
  • the period of your availability
  • specific requirements you may have 


If you are shortlisted we will provide you with access to log in area. This will allow you to see the teaching material and ideas that have been used so far. 

 Given the voluntary nature of the project all expenses are on the single participant, including the stay in Hau Thao, of which the price will be discussed with the host.